About Us

Sandie Torres, also known as “The Cake Artista” has been baking all her life. Despite working in corporate america and starting an IT company, Sandie just couldn’t resist the urge to bake. In 2012, she decided it was time to transition into the career she loved.

She knew the adventure would be exciting so her sister, Toni Torres joined the team as the Co-Founder of Cupcakery.

Their journey to finding the perfect location paired with tasty recipes led them to set-up shop in the heart of Edgewater, MD. To date, the Edgewater community has embraced The Cake Artista located at Cupcakery with open arms.

The Cake Artista specializes in custom gourmet cupcakes, cakes and confections. There are absolutely no limits to the delicious treats made by The Cake Artista and Cupcakery team.