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Founder and CEO of Cake Artista

Sandra Torres

I believe that no one should be left out of a dessert celebration because of their dietary restrictions. I exceed clients expectations by creating specialty treats that are hand-crafted, customizable, and made with love.

At Cake Artista I accomplish this by creating desserts from scratch, using less sugar, and adding more natural gourmet spices. Our product offerings are crafted in organic, non-GMO, zero trans-fat, vegan (dairy-free), plant based, keto, and paleo, to include customers looking to find healthier alternatives.

What started in 2014 with us creating unique custom cakes for all types of special celebrations in a small storefront has expanded to coaching entrepreneurs who are starting up their bakery business or taking their cake decorating hobby to the next level.

I apply my artistic skills to an edible canvas, and this is where “Cake Meets Art.”
Cake Artista


My life’s journey began as a little girl, raised by my father, a single parent and businessman. My sister and I took on the role of providing the basic needs for the family, such as cooking and cleaning. Of course, our favorite part was cooking and baking. We developed a passion for designing custom treats and experimenting in the kitchen. The family loved our creations, even the experimental ones, and we loved seeing how our creations brought them so much joy. At the age of 12, our lives changed dramatically after the death of our dad. My father left me with many valuable lessons. He taught me to believe that nothing is impossible and to do greater things than he did. I believe my purpose is to put a little joy in a person’s life through the power of celebrating with cake.

I aim to bring joy to people’s lives through cake events and experiences by creating unique and personalized baked goods for their special celebrations.

Other ingredients that I credit for the success of Cake Artista are integrity, diversity, creativity, innovation, and giving back to the community.

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